About Us;

Coretec is a Libyan software company established in 2016 in Tripoli, specialized in communications and information technology.
Since its establishment, we have been striving to be the perfect partner for our customers and the best provider of digital services and technology solutions nationally according to the latest international standards.
Coretec is a leading software company with perfect quality, continuous development that aims at being the success’s partner for each of our clients.
Since our establishment, we have become the leading technical consultant, the best quality provider due to our continuous development at all levels of software, including design and data analysis.

Vision : We aim to share success with our customers by being the leading software company that provides the best solutions and high quality services, as well as continually being up to date of the developments and updates in our field.
Mission : Providing the latest technical and software solutions according to the specific needs of our customers according to international standards.

Technology We Use;

We Design & Develop Exclusive SmartSolutions;

Our services  vary through a creative process that combines creative solutions and continuous updating of our expertise.
We offer a variety of services from systems design, interconnection and intermediation to technical follow-up and consultation to each customer according to their unique needs and vision.

Web Applications

We can design, implement and create Internet systems suit each customer’s specific needs, in addition to their periodic development with continuous efficiency. Our systems can deal with very tremendous amount of data efficiently, making them easy to use and available for continuous update.

Desktop Applications

We provide design, implementation and installation of systems with the continuous possibility of updating and developing them to meet the needs of customers. Our systems are optimal in terms of handling large data smoothly and in high quality.

Web Design

With a long experience and professional staff, we provide you with a unique and innovative design for your website with smooth handling and browsing with all electronic devices, to help make your customers enjoy the best service and experience.


We provide technical consultancy and innovative solutions according to your requirements and personal needs to ensure the best workflow at all with optimum efficiency at all times, so that the trusted expertise,  consultants, and specialists of our company are within your reach, and your ideas and visions turn into reality.


We provide solutions to exchange information and connect systems in complete safety, whether ready-made or designed systems and implemented by us, where we can create an intermediary that harmoniously connects the different systems with ease, in addition to the ability to continuously develop and update periodically.

Mobile Applications

We are keen, as usual, to make the application smooth and easy to use on all electronic devices and with high efficiency that makes the user completely satisfied. In addition, we make sure that our applications are able to handle data in huge amounts and constantly update.

System Customization

We provide advanced and integrated solutions according to the customer’s request, also according to the latest technologies and strategies, and we work constantly to support periodic maintenance in a safely and securely.

Database Development

We offer a comprehensive and integrated package of modernization and development services for business intelligence systems to help our clients enhance the process of decision-making by creating and supporting databases and analyzing them statistically for use in multiple fields, all with high, innovative and consistent efficiency.

Integrated Technical Solutions

We provide integrated, secured, reliable solutions with high efficiency all through a wide and integrated package of main services which are added with the latest technologies in the field, represented by a group of smart solutions that suit different applications and systems, all according to the personal needs of the customer.

Added services

We provide a wide variety of added services that help our customers cope with of technical and software developments and software, and among these services:

SMS Gateway

We provide the service of linking programs, websites and systems with gates of sending SMS safe and reliable according to the customer’s special needs.

Payment Gateway

We provide our customers with a secure electronic payment service that can be used to work with a variety of different entities, whether companies or entities in the private and public sectors


Real-time Services

We provide a variety of online services that require a response or immediate interactive action from applications to systems.


Notification Push

We provide a service of notifications and alerts that help to display and alert in general whether for your products, services, or anything the customer wants.


Providing the latest technical and software solutions according to the needs of our customers according to international standards.

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We Develop & Create Digital Future;

Providing the latest technical and software solutions according to the needs of our customers according to international standards.

Request A Project;

The company provides ideal development to a wide range of customers, from start-ups to large public and private organizations. This is what motivates us to become the local leading company in our field, and we believe that meeting the needs and requirements of our customers is our starting point.

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